The Sweet and The Severe

by Envy Parade

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The debut album by one of Australia's most talented and under rated progressive punk band.

There's something for everyone, whether you like it heavy, soft, sweet or severe.


released September 1, 2010

Produced by Brian Mcternan
Assisted by Paul Leavitt



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Envy Parade Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Desperate
Lately I've been aching
You seem caught up in your words

It's not my fault
That you were forced out
From this scene that you made for yourself
Dim the lights
Leaving the spotlight
And bow for your audience of one

I kept inside
That I've been waiting for
Your lies, cast aside
I've been waiting
But I won't be waiting long

It seems like you're desperate to try
Avoiding this now
And it's so polite, and said so lightly
But it's more than just your words
Glance at the door
Smile so slightly
You'll be the first to take your leave
But all those things you said before

There's an overwhelming urge to just let go
And say goodbye
When the final words been said
At least I'll know, that I tried
Track Name: Misery, Sweet Misery
Sing to me Misery, sing me to sleep
The imagery subtle, the melody sweet
Chance just one dance with me, Misery please
Or drown me in sympathy

All the loneliness weighs on heart
All the differences that make us feel worlds apart
Just sing for me, Misery
I'm suffering endlessly
We sleep for the dreams that we keep

She said "Give me your anguish, your burden, your fear
And I'll tear the pain from your world
All of th eworries that weigh on your soul
All of the lonely stones removed
Because it's the loneliness that's killing you

And this taste for distaste
All of the life I've bestowed
The distaste for this hate
To live in a world we don't know

She'll place her loving arms
Against the world against us
Inspiriting eyes, inspiring minds
She'll place her loving arms
Against the woes, against us
Smiting in time, our gratuitous pride

Sing to me, Misery
So I can find peace in this hole
And so in time, her sweet, subtle smile
Will mirror the tears that we've learnt to let go
Track Name: I'm Your Huckleberry
A symphony of sorts
It could be stolen, could be taught
It could be anything, in fallacy
A subtle seed infects you slowly

Incurable disease
You'll feel the pleasure start to cease
You'll feel it suddenly, the air it breathes
Overwhelms erroneously

Is it that you're scared? Too scared to ask?
To leave alone?
For someone, dear, to take you somewhere else?
To feel at home?
With silent eyes, too blind to see the smiles
Was it something that you wanted and asked for
Tried but denied
To laugh until we cry

Should I tie my hands behind my back, or reach out?
Darling would you ask me for, what you're asking for?
Darling what are you asking for?
A sense of senselessness, relief from doubt

Don't hide dear, from us dear, what's inside dear
For the same old fears will find us
Track Name: Idle Times
"I give my permission to let you condition these ears
To toughen the tender and try to surrender old fears"
Try to be patient and wait while these changes take place
We'll turn your thoughts around
Or burn them to the ground
Track Name: The Love Before
You've been concentrated, with the things you hated
For the sake of safety, you've found comfort in
Subtle pleasure, found in something better
Just the thought alone seems much too hard

"But the fear in me always grows
And I'm too scared of letting go
Oh it's familiar, to feel this
I ache to hold that moment dear...
But uncertainty leaves me tense
And transparency makes more sense
See for the pressure is lesser
And the fire inside's long been left cold"

If you drown the world in morbid thoughts
We'd all be left to die
There's still so much more
Don't pretend that what you have is good enough

There's nothing worth a second thought
You "needed it"?
Your hopes and dreams are everything
To make sense of this life your living in
Tempt the soul with something more
Believe in it
If your plans based on open hands
They're left empty in the end

All along you've been waiting for meaning to come
Was there ever a love before?
All the feelings suggested had answers
That you endlessly craved to hear
Such and idling sound
Left you stagnant and taut
Was there never a love before?
It's the warmth, not the fire, you should focus on

Desperate for the sound of a familiar voice
Make it full of hope
Make it feel like home

It's simple, it seems
It is not that it's too far from reach
Your intangible dreams will awaken your passiveness
From inside
Track Name: The End Justifies The Means
I’ve watched this disappear, clouded and unclear
Ringing from a voice, ringing in my ears
A sentimental sound, though ascetic and austere
Screaming for me to adhere

This densely dire room, with claustrophobic walls
A glutton for the gloom, as sweat seeps from my pores
The pressure to press on, the tempt of letting go
The muse plants the seed, will it grow?

Or will the devil dim the lights?
Close and cover up our eyes
Lie and stricken us with fear
Hide the thoughts that we hold dear
Watch the clever, writher scared
As the devil rears his head
Leaves no evidence or utterance
The once effulgent is now solemn and old

One word could take this pain away
Just a teasing taste
Take these things I feel
And make them words I say

Every sight and sound
Every thought resounds
Every bittersweet, servile symphony
And oh, it’s just a breath away
Such a pleasant place
Where the devil hides, hides his wicked face
Oh hear the words, blessed words
That bring music to my ears

Then silence tears this whole thing down
The pleasant crest, depressed, exhausted

Watch the devil dim the lights

So sad are the seeds we sow
When the thoughts don’t grow
And the fields dry
From a cloudless sky
Watch the world become livid, embittered and cold
Or will the fires burn
Will the wheels turn
One creative churn
Feel the subtle smile
As the world becomes better than ever before
Track Name: Cure
An intriguing question to answer in time
Our thoughts sewn like thread to untwine
‘Do we know everything?’
...well evidently
We know what we’re told quite despite what we see

Can we run? Try to run dear, try to appease
Disposable lives, sick with greed
At war with the air we breathe
We’re our own disease
Arrogance or ignorance, which would you please?

And how long before we give in?
Ideas, like dust in the wind
Floating so carelessly, away from me
Are you prepared to let go?
To let go

Just let go, passionately
Free from this hatred screaming at me
Free from the lies that lead so recklessly
Forcing us to let go climacterically
Free from this stigma suffocating
Free from the hands that bleed everything
Destroying the world that we know

Is there more to the means than the end?
Or is the end all the means will demand?
Is Faith the cure? Can we be sure?
Restricting our lives with our hands in the air..
Naive and unaware
Track Name: Live and Learn
Inside they’re cold.
Why is there nothing left to hold?
We’re conscious of their thoughts
Could this be you?

Tired and old
Blind from the incandescent Moulds
The tears around their eyes
Could this be you?

A silhouette booms, a strong frightening laugh
As you hide in the dark, all alone now at last
Add light to the shade, you won’t hide for long
For I’ll be the one who was laughing all along

We’ll just hope that the rope
That we tied around their arms won’t come loose
Please don’t come loose
And the hope that we’ve roped
That we’ve tied around their hearts like a noose
Please don’t come loose

A thief that takes the world and fakes the words
Makes it so we’ll never know
There’s more to life than only living
A piece to fit their mould,
What we’re told makes it so we’ll never know
We’re worth more than they know

They’re only words, a useless phrase
We are melody, movement and grace

We are, at heart, dancing
In a condescending sense of pride
Only to pretend

White ivory eyes upon me
We can take them
One by one
Track Name: Father, Stop The Fighting
Father, stop the fighting,
Take the weapons from the war
Their dying is not exciting
And no ones screaming for more

Why’s it so hard to see?
Are our eyes sealed closed?
Let the children know
(That it’s time to let go)
Let the children know there’s something wrong

Ignorant or cold, it’s all we know
It’s just so hard to let go
Over fields of careless hearts we go
It’s just so hard to let go

Oh, I want something more
A world that’s not at war
I won’t let it go
Anybody’s home, is everybody’s home
I won’t let it go

Such a senseless race, are we
I can see it
Evolution anarchy
I can see it

Why’s it so hard to see
Normal life blinds us all
Let the children know
(That it’s time to let go)
Let the children know there’s something wrong
Track Name: Come Winter, My Love
It’s just love, my love
For Winters white cover
Her skin, her touch
For a while she smiles
The earths undeniably hers... all hers
Just to breathe her cold air is moving
Silent and soothing
But between her sweet insatiable words I’ve begun
To craver her, my love

Now she holds the key to my heart
But she’s chasing the warmth of the sun
Come spring I’ll see her gone
And the summer sees me left alone

Who here knows the secret to her love?
For I’m tirelessly searching
The warmth she seethes, I’d breathe inside my lungs
And I’ll wait, so come Winter; my love

Lover, young lover, her loves for another
I’ll find for you
Another young love who’s love is more suited and true

But I feel her smile still, my love
And it’s forever warming, my love
When autumn sees her near
Then it won’t be long until she’s here

“When will your patience grow old, my dear
You wait til the weather grows cold, my dear
And incessantly sever the thought that she’ll never be true
Young lover, her love’s not for you”

Who here knows the secret to her love?
Who here knows the secret to her love?
For I’m tirelessly searching
The warmth she seethes I’d breathe inside my lungs
And I’ll wait, so come Winter; my love
Track Name: Silent Nights
Always the same phrase
'The madman, or the lover?'
All night, her sad eyes
And the smile that keeps them covered
But here we are so far apart
This open wound, a lovers doom
And still, you are my evening star
So guide me to the heart of you

I feel, feelings are best kept left alone
And we'll pass each other, still, unknowing
That I've realised that I'll never have her